Established almost 60 years ago and based in Brisbane, this business has transformed to become one of Australia’s most innovative and efficient suppliers of toilet partitions, visual boards, fibre cement products and internal fixtures for the Australian market.

ABP’s point of difference to its competitors is in its efficiency and ability to create the best fit for any project you have in mind.  We deal directly with architects, builders, engineers, and designers and pride ourselves as being a one-stop-shop for all your joinery requirements.

With our leading team of experts, ABP’s reputation in the market is second to none.  ABP is proud to supply our Australian market with custom-built furniture and seating to cover all commercial, educational, medical and hospitality applications.  ABP is also well recognized for its manufacture and supply of visual communication products; whiteboards, chalkboards, notice and pin boards as well as toilet partitioning and locker room systems.

With the expansion of its capabilities using top-of-the-range equipment, ABP has an edge over its competitors with the ability to deliver a project that uses the best quality raw materials that are both ethically sourced, will stand the test of time and are atheistically attractive.