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Fibre Cement

As distributors for James Hardie All Fibre Cement we are able to supply all of the James Hardie Products in either single sheets or Pack Lots. James Hardie are the premier Fibre Cement manufacturers in Australia and their wide range of products are suitable for Builders as well as the Home Handyman

Décor Vent

Decor-Vent™ is manufactured from James Hardie products, Hardiflex™ and Versilux™ which are asbestos free and approved by housing authorities and local councils.  A Decor-Vent™ system of soffit ventilation may be used with flat or pitched roofs and continues day and night with equal efficiency at no operation cost whatsoever.  Soffit covers can be used for both residential and commercial applications.


  • Includes verandahs,
  • carports,
  • and other large covered areas.


  • Includes awnings,
  • balconies,
  • covered ways and arcades,
  • bulkheads,
  • light wells,
  • changes in levels and curved surfaces.

All Fibre Cement supply Decor-Vent™ in six standard design choices to suit all types of application. Decor-Vent™ is manufactured specially to order and is not returnable.  It should always be fixed strictly in accordance with standard building practice.  For timber framing the recommendations is to use flex sheet nails at 150mm centers with a minimum edge distance of 10mm.  Maximum batten spacing should be 450mm.

Most designs can be supplied in 24 hour turnaround.

Available sheet sizes range from:

  • Lengths: 1200mm – 3000mm
  • Widths:   300mm – 1350mm
  • Thickness:  4.5mm and 6mm


Infill Strips

All Fibre Cement Infill Strips are a perforated soffit lining panel.  They are used above door and window openings as infill between the masonry and brickwork.  The strips are manufactured from James Hardie HardiFlex sheets, which are easy to work with, durable and low maintenance.  They are easily joined and quickly painted.  All Fibre Cement supplies Infill Strips as Hardiflex‚ which comes in 4.5mm thick sheet sizes of 1800 x 150mm and 2400 x 150mm sheets.

What advantages are there in using Infill Strips from all fibre cement?  The Energy Efficiency requirements under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) require roofs to achieve minimum Total R-values*.  The use of bulk insulation can be negated if the roof space is ventilated.  The use of Infill Strips and Decorvent will assist in achieving Energy Efficient requirements.  Infill Strips usage also reduces wastage and decreases labour in cutting soffit sheets around window and door openings.  They allow you to use a narrower sheet for the balance of the soffit sheeting.

* R-Value of a material describes its thermal resistance.  The higher the R-value the better the thermal performance.

Waterjet Cut Fibre Cement

Waterjet technology is a fast becoming a major machine tool process.  It is fast, versatile and efficient in productivity.  This technology also produces opportunities for curves, lettering, CAD drawing detail replication and diversified solutions to many design opportunities.

The waterjet machine cuts materials using highly pressurized water, at 60 000 psi or greater.  The pressurized water is concentrated through a small opening in the cutting tool of the machine allowing it to make accurate cuts, no blades or saws.  As it makes near perfect parts with reduced or no secondary operation needed, no heat affected zones and no material distortion is subjected to the finished product.

Gage Board

Gage Board is a composite panel of James Hardie fibre cement and sheet metal bonded together to achieve high impact resistance whilst maintaining aesthetics.

As a multipurpose security impact board for floor/wall/ceilings linings, Gage Board has many applications, such as security rooms, correctional institutions, internal facades in shopping centers, and areas where high impact resistance is required from motorized vehicles such as electric wheelchairs and other ambulatory devices.

Benefits of Gage Board include the following. Security and impact resistance is achieved without compromising aesthetics. The strength of the wall panels is not obvious to the observer as walls sheeted with Gage Board are similar in appearance to the non-secure walls, eliminating the need for unsightly external security screening.

The composition of the panel can be constructed either to our specifications and design or to your own consultant or architect. Single-sided panels can be produced as well as a sandwich or double-sided panels. A common configuration is 6mm or 9mm James Hardie Villaboard Lining with 0.6mm Zincaneal laminated to the rear. In this application, the joints are taped and set. Other finished face types are Hardiflex Sheets, Versilux Wall & Ceiling Lining or HardiPanel Compressed Panels, whilst the steel sheet can be various gauges from 0.4mm up to 1.2mm or more depending on the degree of barrier required. Alternative surface finished can be achieved using plywood, MDF board.

Sheet sizes are available in any size produced by James Hardie’s Building Products, such as up to 4200mm x 1350mm. Sheets can be factory cut or prefabricated to modular sections to allow for ease of installation on site.

Walls to be sheeted with Gage Board as supplied by ABP Group comprising 6mm Villaboard Lining factory laminated with 0.6mm Zincaneal to the rear. Install sheets horizontally with joints taped and set.